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Restroom with Soap DispensersIf you run a facility that doesn’t have customer traffic in and out, you, as a business manager, may not feel the need to keep the office or warehouse looking spiffy all the time. Although, what happens when you do have an obligation to keep the place of business organized and clean all the time for customers?

We offer these hypothetical examples of what not to do:

Small, local fast food chain: A large influx of customers left workers scrambling to meet the demand of its guests. They forget to check the restroom where the soap dispensers are empty, leaving the customers with the inability to sanitize their hands before or after eating.

Children’s daycare/gym: The workers are short-staffed and don’t have a chance to clean the mats before the next class/group to enter the play area.

Massage and Spa: Caught up in the volume of customers, the spa staff forgets to disinfect the showers, toilets and sinks for the next day, leaving the morning staff with extra work.

In each of the examples, the businesses do not have a janitorial service provider to clean on a daily or weekly basis, leaving the present staff with limited resources and in a tough position to please their guests.

No excuses, the customer is number one, and as a business, you should put their best interests first, even if that means dedicating extra resources.

Image courtesy of Flickr / tantek