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Janitorial services company in Portland, OregonIt’s funny, some people don’t appreciate good work when they see it, and others actually have no visibility to the good work that is being done, especially if they aren’t paying attention. Jobs like office cleaning from a janitorial services company is behind the scenes for the most part, so there’s no way to really see the time and effort that goes into it.

Sort of like a field goal kicker in football; you really don’t know how good a kicker is until you find one who misses the big-time, easy chip shots from 20 yards out. In that sense, janitorial services is the same way. You won’t even notice a great janitorial company because everything is spotless when you arrive to the office each day. You’ll notice a bad one, though, when the soap dispensers aren’t refilled, the trash cans still overflowing and the dirt tracked in is un-swept.

What are these janitorial companies doing in the off-hours? Here’s a short list:

  • Interior window cleaning
  • Replacing trash bags; removing trash
  • Wiping sink and counters of men and women’s restroom
  • Carpet shampooing (monthly, quarterly or semi-annually depending on the building)
  • Vaccuming
  • Floor waxing
  • Dusting
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Restocking…well, everything!

Image courtesy of Flickr / daveaustria