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Awful looking office buildingPicture this scene: a commercial building has been owned and occupied by a small business for approximately one year after it was constructed. The owner does not hire a janitorial services company and the internal staff rarely cleans. The title floors are usually covered with dust, dirt and grime, the carpets always look dirty, the white walls are beginning to have a grayish-brown tint and just about everything no longer appears new. 

The fictional scenario above  isn’t too far from reality for some building occupants out there. What would happen if the trend continued for another year or more? It’s safe to say the building would appear older than it actually is and may begin to have irreversible blemishes in some highly-trafficked spots. If it’s a place of business customers visit, you can kiss some of the customers goodbye; and for non-customer visited buildings, an owner might be able to get away with not cleaning for a while, but the downside risk may be long-term value of the building for re-sale purposes, not to mention safety of employees working in the building.

Put simply, an office that is not cleaned is likely a place none of us want to be in. Who wants to work in filth each day? Perhaps there are a few people out there, but most employees may jump ship if they have to work in unsanitary conditions.

It seems that the downside risk of losing employees and ruining the building makes spending a few minutes each day completely worth the effort. The again, each occupant treats their place of business a little different.