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Many janitorial service companies claim they use eco-friendly cleaning (or green-cleaning), but what does it mean to commercial or residential customers?

Eco-friendly janitorial service practices simply means that a ¬†company uses products and janitorial methods that are safe on the environment. Rather than using chemicals and other cleaning products that could potentially harm the environment, environmentally-cognizant janitorial companies, such as Myles O’Donnell & Co., only buy products that are safe on the environment and use practices that does not harm the working environment.

This also stretches far beyond regular janitorial practices. Eco-friendly cleaning also means that janitorial companies purchase products and equipment from suppliers that also implement their own sustainability practices within their business.

Especially in the Portland, Oregon region, customers are paying much more attention to those that are using eco-friendly practices. It is quickly becoming a cultural aspect of doing business.