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Most janitorial service companies have their qualities on how to please their customers; most of them, however, are consistent across different industries and are not necessarily specific to the janitorial industry.

When a customer is attempting to find a great janitorial company – in Portland, Oregon, for example – they look for a few specific attributes:

More often than not, a new customer is referred in by a friend, acquaintance or business associate rather than coming in off the street. A company brand, or reputation, is vital to growing a business, especially if in the service industry, like a janitorial company. Products are simple to get in possession, so often times someone can try before they buy, but the service industry is much different. This is why pleasing current clients can go along way to upholding a reputation. A reputation takes a long time to build, and it alone can bring in new business.

Especially in the last few years, consumers are extremely price-sensitive to new purchases. People tend to shop for multiple service vendors rather than go with the first one they meet. Doing market research on other janitorial service companies to compare prices is something that should be done 2-3 times per year as the cleaning service market changes with demand and competition (supply). On the operations side, it is also important to control costs of employee wages, janitorial equipment and cleaning supplies so that a competitive price can be offered in the marketplace.

Another important aspect of a great janitorial service company is value. Do current customers value the service? In general, relative to the price, is the service valuable to the marketplace? Again, these questions can be answered in regular market research, but it’s important to identify areas to improve value. It’s as simple as offering a specific type of cleaning that competitors do not offer, or maybe it’s a special online billing program to offer clients; regardless of what the value is, make sure the value can be easily identified by the company and the customers.

Living up to the Promise
Every business contract is a promise. It is a promise to provide a specific type of janitorial service and do it to the best ability of the company. If that promise is upheld clients will undoubtedly be satisfied and continue to do business with the company.

A great janitorial company has specific traits, just like any other business, that can bring a great deal of success. Myles O’Donnell & Company has been one of the companies in the Portland-metropolitan region that has focused on pleasing clients by adding value, offering a competitive price and living up to the promise it has made to its customers. That, in turn, gives Myles O’Donnell & Company the reputation it has today, after doing business since 1949.