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Who wants to provide their own resources to cleaning? Think of it this way: could you, the CEO/President of a small business, stay late to clean the office and workplace for your employees? If not you, then would you ask that your employees stay late and clean the carpets, or perhaps wash the windows? In most cases the answer will be “no.”

It’s expensive to dedicate your own resources to doing one specific business function. Cleaning and janitorial duties are not “revenue generators” so it can be seen as very high cost to the organization, meaning that it could be an expendable position down the road.

More and more business leaders are looking to janitorial service providers to take care of their office cleaning needs for the following reasons:

  • It’s not a full-time job in most cases
  • Most businesses can’t afford to buy the equipment
  • Janitorial service providers are “experts” in cleaning
  • It’s cheaper than using internal resources
  • Hiring, firing and switching providers is quick and easy
  • Service providers are on-call when you need them

There’s a lot of upside to using a janitorial service provider in most cases; however, with large businesses, it probably makes sense to use internal resources since capital can be used to purchase equipment, hire dedicated cleaning staff, etc. As more and more businesses look to outsource certain functions of their business, undoubtedly cleaning will be one of the first things to remove from internal business functions.