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In times of poor weather, doesn’t it seem that maintaining the cleanliness of a building is so much more challenging than in fair weather? Building maintenance would be easy if it was sunny every day, but the reality is that most of us have to deal with rain, snow, ice and whatever else Mother Nature throws our way.

Most notably, in rain, people tend to track in dirt, mud and traces of water into the building. The impact that can have on the life of carpet and flooring is astounding if not maintained properly. Not only does foot traffic alone impact the interior, but the windows take a beating as well—especially the exterior.

Any business manager who tends to be on the obsessive compulsive side of keeping an office clean may despise winter time, especially when guests are tracking in all sorts of stuff, such as water, mud, leaves, etc. There is no perfect way to keep the office clean in all times, but a disciplined cleaning schedule can certainly help.

The challenging part of winter weather is that it makes a mess of the office fast, compared to that of good weather. Most businesses would have a janitorial service company come in after regular business hours to clean the office; however, in bad weather, staff of the office may have to clean up certain areas throughout the day to ensure safety (slippery floors from rain) and cleanliness.

Nasty weather sure can be a nightmare for businesses, but with discipline in the cleaning process, the building can stay maintained as it should be all year round.

photo credit: teresaphillips1965 via photopin cc