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Business owners have become increasingly savvy in using outsourced service companies for various aspects of their business. Though, they often ask themselves a few questions before hiring a company to perform a specific service:

  1. Will it save me money?
  2. Will it save me time?
  3. Why should I hire someone else to do this instead of doing it in-house?

By answering these questions, business owners can willfully hire a company to perform a specific aspect of their business.

For a small business, in-house cleaning may make sense; but as the company grows, how long should it perform tasks that are not core to their business model? For instance, a website development company is great at programming new websites; therefore, it does not make sense to be waxing the tile floors after the work-day is over, nor does it make sense to hire a full-time person to do this.

This is where outsourcing to a janitorial company makes absolute sense for a business.

Will it save me money?
Rather than thinking about whether or not it will save you money, look at where your time is best spent. If you can charge $60/hour programming a website and can hire a janitorial for less than $60/hour then it absolutely makes sense to hire someone else to do it for you. Think about where your time is most valuable. If the amount spent on a janitorial company eclipses your revenue, then that is a sign you should be doing it in-house with your own resources rather than hiring out.

Will it save me time?
If you have eight hours in the day to develop a website for a client, but need to set aside an hour to clean the floors, then yes, it will save you time to hire a janitorial service company to perform the cleaning tasks for you.

Why should I hire someone else to do this instead of doing it in-house?
Business owners like control of their business, so it is completely understandable to retain janitorial tasks in-house rather than outsourcing to a janitorial company. However, ask this of yourself: is performing janitorial tasks core to the business? If the answer is “no” let go of those tasks and have a janitorial cleaning company take care of those specific tasks.

Business owners are in fact turning over various aspects of their business to trusted vendors in their local community. The reason they outsource these functions is because it is not core to their business and they would rather focus on revenue-generating activities.