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man window washing a commercial buildingExterior windows seem to be the one part of a home or building that we tend to neglect on a regular basis. We tend to take care of the inside of the windows just fine, and it’s due to easier access, but the exterior part needs just as much attention, if not more, due to weathering.

When we do decide to take on the fun project of washing windows, we should keep these tips in mind:

  • Safety: When washing the windows of a large commercial building or even a residential home that is multi-story, we must be cognizant of safety. This means that before tackling this type of project we should obtain a correctly-sized ladder, harness, or cleaning equipment that can access tough-to-reach places on the building. All of this can reduce the risk of personal injury.
  •  Window Cleaning Products: Let’s put it this way–you don’t want to have to take on this huge window washing project again in the near future, do you? Then get the correct window cleaning product that will maintain the windows for an extended amount of time. A lot of window washing companies, such as Myles O’Donnell & Company, are going to environmentally-friendly (“green”) products; in some cases, they can be the best products for the job. Do the research and find the product that is going to make the most sense for your window washing project.
  • If you don’t know what you’re doing, hire someone who does: Someone who knows what they are doing, versus someone who doesn’t, can save a tremendous amount of time, lowers the risk of a personal injury, and can flat out do a better job. If there is any doubt whatsoever that the job cannot be done effectively on your watch, hire a local window washing company for the job.