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It is possible to be tired of winter weather well before winter is officially over. Remember when ice and snow storms, atmospheric rivers, and biting cold were weather extremes in the Greater Portland Metro Area? Those days seem to be over and we would like spring to arrive early. But, we’re not there yet and all the days your employees and customers have spent tracking in the water, slush, and even deicer, may be starting to dull your floors and dirty your carpets. Contact Myles O’Donnell & Company to clean your carpets and floors before a little dirt and water become a much bigger problem. 

The greatest danger to floors comes from commonly used deicers that contain magnesium or sodium chloride. Oregon Department of Transportation uses these products both to prevent ice and snow from bonding to the roads, and to help break any bonds that do form after a storm. That means these products are on many roadways so anyone crossing a street, or even stepping into the street to get into their car will carry the chemicals on their shoes. On top of that, businesses and municipalities may use deicers on sidewalks to help prevent slips and falls. No matter where your business is or how people get there, it’s likely these chemicals will find their way into your establishment. 

When tracked inside, deicers and salt can eat away the finish on hard flooring making them more slippery and looking worn. Any salt can increase the likelihood of carpets fading at the least or developing dry rot at the worst. The carpet fibers wear down under the chemicals and tend to collect more dirt. For both hard flooring and carpets, deicers can leave a white stain or haze that can be quite damaging and is not simple to remove. If you see signs of damage from deicers it’s time to call the professionals. 

There are some preventative measures you can take to reduce the risk of damage to carpets and floors from salt and deicers. Regular and frequent cleaning is vital. Mopping with an acidic detergent can help neutralize residues on hard floors, and frequent vacuuming can help minimize the amount of chemicals and even water in carpeting. To avoid introducing chemicals to your floors from the start, make sure to have a large mat by each door to allow people to wipe off the bottom of their shoes before they enter. 

If despite these measures your floors are starting to look stained and dirty, schedule a professional cleaning and stain removal. Waiting is not an option as the longer the road salt or ice melt sits on the floors the more damage it can do. Myles O’Donnell & Co. offers full-service, best-in-class care for your floors whether carpeted, concrete, or tile. Our well-trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and products that have been chosen for their environmentally-friendly ingredients. The last thing your floors that are covered in deicing chemicals is the addition of more harsh chemicals! And if regular carpet and floor cleaning is not something you can do in-house, we’re happy to talk to you about a contract, whether month-to-month or annual. We don’t just clean today’s problems, but we can work to protect  your floors from winter weather long before the first rains fall.  Get a free estimate and see what we can do to keep your floors in top shape and your business retaining that professional appearance.